Wealth Management Services

Many people believe that financial advisors are stock brokers. And while on a technical level, that might be true, the financial services industry has evolved significantly over the last 40 years. It’s not just buying one stock or one fund any more. Investing is an integrated part of your financial plan and the world of investing has become rather overwhelming. With over 9,000 open ended mutual funds, 5,000 exchange traded funds, and 3,600 publicly listed companies in the US, it can be quite the challenge to find the right mix of investments.

We act as fiduciaries when selecting investments to fit our client’s financial goals, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. We have no proprietary products and truly seek to find the best in class investments that will balance out these criteria. We look for consistency over time in an effort to provide our clients a more predictable experience. By reviewing the investments on a regular basis, we screen for 5 major criteria to filter through the options. We believe that these screens will help our clients achieve their goals with less risk. Just like financial planning, the ongoing monitoring and review is constant to ensure we are meeting our goals.